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September 2018

9/3 Bridge Circle
9/4 Bible Study
9/4 Trinity Mission Party
9/14 PW: “PW 101” with Meg Garver Hamilton, local officers and circle leaders
9/19 Book Circle – Small Great Things, Jodi Picoult
9/26 F.U.N. Circle to Gone with the Wind Museum, Cleburne. Dutch treat lunch


10/1 Prep for rummage sale
10/2 Prep for rummage sale
10/2 Bible Study (held in admin bldg. due to rummage sale)
10/2 Trinity Mission Party
10/3 Prep for rummage sale
10/4 Prep for rummage sale
10/5 Fall Rummage Sale 8-5
10/6 Fall rummage sale 8-2
10/17 Book Circle – Carrying Albert Home, Homer Hickham
10/24 F.U.N. Circle dutch treat lunch, place TBA


11/2 9:30-3 PW Retreat—Glen Lake Camp, Glen Rose, TX
Sharon Curry, Leader: Women of Royalty, Daughters of the King
11/5 Bridge Circle
11/6 Bible Study
11/6 Trinity Mission Party
11/14 Book Circle -The Choice, Suzanne Woods Fisher
11/26 F.U.N. Circle Deck the Halls for Advent/Christmas


12/3 Bridge Circle
12/4 Bible Study
12/4 Trinity Mission Party
12/13 PW and F.U.N. Circle Luncheon, Program by Melody Belles (please note this is a Thursday and not Friday)

January 2019

1/7 Bridge Circle
1/7 F.U.N. Circle – Undeck the Halls
1/8 Bible Study
1/8 Trinity Mission Party
1/11 PW Program by Ruth Ann Collins “Stephen Ministry”
1/16 Book Circle – In the Garden of Beasts, Erik Larson
1/23 F.U.N. Circle service day, prepare “First Night Kits”


2/4 Bridge Circle
2/5 Bible Study
2/5 Trinity Mission Party
2/8 PW Program by Jamie Sanders “Suicide Prevention”
2/20 Book Circle – Open Season, C.J. Box
2/27 F.U.N. Circle Stuff n’ Nonsense fashion show and luncheon


3/4 Bridge Circle
3/5 Bible Study
3/5 Trinity Mission Party
3/6 8:30 am Ash Wednesday White Breakfast/Communion Service
3/20 Book Circle – A Woman of the People, Benjamin Capps


4/1 Spring Rummage Sale prep
4/2 Bible Study (in admin bldg. due to rummage sale)
4/2 Spring Rummage Sale prep
4/2 Trinity Mission Party
4/3 Spring Rummage Sale prep
4/4 Spring Rummage Sale prep
4/5 Spring Rummage Sale Fundraiser 8-5
4/6 Spring Rummage Sale Fundraiser 8-2
4/17 Book Circle – The Keepers of the House, Shirley Ann Grau
4/24 F.U.N. Circle visit Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, TX. Dutch treat lunch


5/6 Bridge Circle
5/7 Bible Study
5/7 Trinity Mission Party
5/10 PW Election of Officers, Program TBA, Potluck lunch
5/15 Book Circle – choose books for next year
5/19 Installation of Officers (during worship service)
5/22 F.U.N. Circle planning, potluck salad lunch