303 W. Bridge St, Granbury, TX    817-573-2337         

85 wreaths
17 family gift bags
71 gift bags for elderly residents
The missions and outreach committee has been busy. Thank you to everyone who donated blankets, hot chocolate and snacks for the gift bags!

Thank you to Stephanie M, Beverly M, Gwen C, Kaila W, Tim and Nancy B. It was a very joyful morning loading up and delivering our Christmas gifts. Thank you to all who gave in donations and work to give this gift from our congregation.

I want to share with you and the committee some of my experiences while shopping.  It was so unusual to be buying so much of an item that I would explain that my church was gathering items for families in low cost housing so they could have a family nite watching a movie together. I ran into so many wonderful and helpful people. While in FW I bought as many blankets as possible at the Ross on Hulen which was 3 huge Ross shopping bags that filled my car. A family saw my dilemma – they didn’t fit in one basket – and the teenage boy of the family offered to help me get then to the car. 

The next day I headed to Ross in Granbury with the same experience of filling a basket so high I could not see over it. It was busy and I waited in line for awhile before making it to checkout where a tall young man began to ring up all those blankets. He told me he was not from Granbury but was here taking care of his grandparents who had taken care of him.  He said if I needed someone to help to give him a call and gave me his phone number. 

Then I was off to Walmart. I started with a manager telling him the quantities of popcorn and nuts I would need hoping they had some in the back, but no, everything they had was on the shelf, so I began loading. A young employee came by and asked if he could help. Thank goodness!  He ended up crawling on the floor to reach the popcorn boxes at the very back on the bottom shelf.  Then on to add the cans of peanuts. The basket was overflowing and strange looking. Someone took pity on me and helped me steer it to checkout. Some dear soul checked out every single item and was then told the tax exempt info has to go in first. So it all went back into the basket and a fresh checkout person took over.  Of course they decided someone needed to help me get it to the car and unload. 

The world is full of wonderful individual people and I met several while gathering our gifts. So our mission project for Christmas has double blessed me.