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Membership Article (missing from original PDF)

Covid19 has brought challenges to all of us with the shelter in place mandate. Despite all of this, there have been quite a few “silver linings” that have developed from it. Maybe you have been forced to learn a lot more about technology than you thought possible before. Maybe you are now ordering your groceries or restaurant pickup service on line for the first time. Maybe you are making FaceTime or Zoom calls with the kids or grandkids for the first time. Maybe you are thinking in new and creative ways how to get tasks done or avoid “cabin fever”. Maybe you have finished some long awaited chores at home, read some books, worked a jigsaw puzzle, or gone for a walk.

       The Membership Committee has been meeting challenges as well. Since we had to postpone the dinner for prospective members, we have been trying to keep up with the interested church visitors, via phone calls, email, and USPS mail, depending on what contact info was available. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to show visitors what a truly loving and caring congregation we are. It’s also encouraging to see the number of people who are “doing church together” by tuning into our online services each week.

      All church family members can also help themselves and others stay connected by calling another church member to say hello and ask how they are doing. Hopefully, you are already connecting with your best friends. So try calling someone whom you have greeted in church, but may not be that well acquainted with yet. You may be the best ray of sunshine they get all day! It comes with a guarantee to make your day happier, too!

Brenda Staples , Membership Elder