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This week we sang a hymn titled “We Come to You for Healing, Lord.” The words, written in 2002 by a minister, speak so eloquently what we sometimes struggle to ask of God during our time of difficulty.

  1. We come to you for healing, Lord,
    of body, mind, and soul,
    and pray that by, your Spirit’s touch,
    we may again be whole.
  2. As once you walked through ancient streets
    and reached toward those in pain,
    come, risen Christ, among us still
    with power to heal again.
  3. You touch us through physicians’ skills,
    through nurses’ gifts of care,
    and through the love of faithful friends
    who lift our lives in prayer.
  4. When nights are long with wakefulness,
    through days when strength runs low,
    grant us your gift of patience, Lord,
    your calming peace to know.
  5. We come to you, O loving Lord,
    in our distress and pain,
    in trust that through our nights and days
    your grace will heal, sustain.
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