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The plight of food insecurity has only been heightened during this season of job loss in our community.  The work of People Helping People is always to provide fresh, healthy food to our hungry neighbors, usually on a monthly basis for each registered household.  However, during this season of increased need, PHP has stepped up giving.  Serving 125-150 households every week, PHP has been able to keep the food pantry going throughout the pandemic season, only closing down for one day during February to organize the new method of drive-through distribution and close down the resale shop and other entrances to limit contact. Three days a week they distribute food from 12-3. 

The all-volunteer staff arrives early to pack bags of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and canned/boxed items for each family.  These are the items purchased from Tarrant Area Food Bank at a nominal cost and delivered to Granbury once a week.  PHP buys between 6 and 7 thousand pounds of food each week from the food bank and transports it on pallets. HEB and Walmart donate day old and close date food for free pickup. ( From time to time, FPC has been asked to donate food when the supply runs low, and we have been generous in our giving.)  

FPC now has two members on the board of People Helping People and we have been impressed by the dedication, skill and efficiency of the staff in caring for the needy among us.  Because of some generous donations, there have been some property improvements in the past year, including a new walk-in freezer, an outside covered area to protect workers from sun and rain, and a new sign.  If you haven’t been by the facility in awhile, drive by and take a look.  Also, the aging volunteer staff has been depleted by this pandemic so there is a need for some more help.  

As a small but effective ministry focused on one essential goal, PHP is a treasure in the Granbury community, effectively addressing Jesus’ words in Matt.25:35 “..for I was hungry and you gave me food.”

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